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Week Four Photo Gallery

Reporting China students offer a collection of photos chronicling early impressions from their journey through the People’s Republic.

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The rural view: Life is good on the Li family farm

Westerns may scrutinize China, but a farmer looks at his village and sees something quite different.

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Indian restaurant owners comment on Chinese business acumen

Roughly 5,000 Indian nationals, including entrepreneurs, business professionals and students, live in the East China region, according to the Indian Consulate in Shanghai.

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Graduation day at New Century

After three long days of final exams, teachers, families and friends gathered to watch 112 fifth-graders graduate at the first private school to open in Shanghai.

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[ By | 27 Jun 2009 | One Comment ]
Big ideas about little rebellions

When I arrived in China, I expected to meet people sporting red armbands and green hats, like icons from a 1950s propaganda poster. So when I began seeing young people in Beijing that broke this mold – Mohawk-sporting musicians, tattooed skateboarders, extreme-sport enthusiasts – it seemed more significant than what this same behavior might mean back home. Thus the question: In a country that has put so much stock in conformity, do new forms of self-expression represent small but meaningful forms of rebellion?

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Return baggage: The impact of Chinese studying abroad

More college-age Chinese go overseas than ever before, but not to bring Western political values back home.

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From digital to direct: Online communities make a critical connection

At the top of a five-story Adidas store in Beijing, a gaggle of perfectly styled teenagers and twenty-somethings crowded the escalator landing. Gathered for the opening of an art exhibition, the participants were members of Make Cute Club, or MCC, an online fashion forum catering to China’s style-obsessed Netizens, who were meeting in person for the very first time. Decked out with piercings, fake eyelashes and trucker hats, the MCC-ers hugged and mugged, snapping pictures with their cell phones and chattering in the silence of the otherwise empty store. Welcome to the microcosm of self-expression among China’s youth today. . . .

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Fortune follows a fountain with history’s help

Xi’an is undergoing vast modernization to make itself more inviting to tourists and locals and is simultaneously attempting to keep all of its history important. This subject is controversial to some Chinese who worry about the city losing sight of its historical importance.

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They know why the caged bird sings

The screeching from the birdcages dangling in the trees made it difficult to carry on a conversation.